energy solutions
Residential solar energy

Sustainability and being in harmony with the environment are very important in today's world. In that perspective we offer the opportunity to have a solar system in your home according to your needs and achieving significant or total savings on the payment of the Electric Bill.  

We install solar lamps to illuminate common areas, terraces, courtyards and trails, generating greater energy efficiency and excellent lighting.

Industrial facilities

The usual working hours in an industry, largely coincides with the hours of sunlight, in such a way that, in general, there is a very good performance between the curves of solar production and consumption demand, getting the energy generated to be used and raising your profitability. 

In addition, your industry or SME, usually has enough surface to install solar modules, thus overcoming one of the main limitations of photovoltaic solar energy.

The photovoltaic solar installation with isolated systems is based on a practice of generating electricity without connection to the energy grid, which provides our customers with energy from the sun. 

The storage of photovoltaic solar energy in power banks, allows its gradual use both during day and night

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