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  • Medellin Calle 3a. Cra 43 a-175 Tel. 3207591095
  • Pereira Avenida 1a. Nr. 5-37 Tel. 3176793863



We are a company offering solutions based on renewable energy through the supply of photovoltaic solar energy systems and water heating for domestic and industrial environments. We offer high-tech products, always maintaining excellent quality in our customer service and a close relationship of mutual cooperation with our suppliers. Having as one of our main priorities the care of our planet along with the economic benefit that solar energy installations imply, and we are always looking for continuous improvement in each of our operations.


Our vision is to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society in which future generations have the same opportunities as we do today. Our commitment is to respond to the demands of customers, employees and society and to strive for long-term solutions for everyone by assuming our responsibility today for the best preservation of the planet. Our priorities are: care for the environment, personal integrity of users and sustainable social development.

To become a company that is a national reference for renewable energies, which allows us to obtain an optimal return on investment for our clients.




Concern for the environment

Innovation for sustainable development

Financial strength and profitability  


Long term strategy


Ethics in our business actions

Maximum efficiency in our activity

Responsibility for future generations

  Social contribution: We apply collaborative business models that maximize the benefit of our environment and contribute to the local wealth of the communities in which we operate.

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